M   A   X      J   O   N   E   S

a   r   t   i   s   t
Max Jones is a self-taught abstract artist born and
raised in Dallas TX. Max’s artistic journey began
almost accidentally in his early days as a gallery
owner where he featured other people’s art. A
publisher of a design magazine happened to notice
an unfinished painting in the back of Max’s studio
where he painted as a hobby. She commissioned a
piece for herself that day with the agreement that
Max would put a piece of his own work out in the
gallery for sale.That first piece sold almost
immediately and the rest as they say is history…
Max has spent the last decade honing his signature
style which is a relaxed ethereal blending of colors
inspired primarily from nature. He works intuitively,
adding layer upon layer until the final image reveals
itself. Max’s work is featured in many private and
commercial collections throughout the U.S. He lives
and paints in Dallas, TX.
"Passage"  by Max Jones 2013